Sebastian, Part 6

Aria hopped to the right to parry a blow from Weston's sword. With a peal, their blades danced apart, and Aria took a step back to reframe her position. “Good,” Weston said. “You have a bit of a natural touch for this, you know. You don't struggle to pick things up.” “It feels okay,” she... Continue Reading →


Sebastian, Part 5

A bell tolled in the distance, signaling sundown and the closing of the gates—but the gates to Tower of the Moon would not close tonight. Aria took a deep breath as she scanned the endless legions spanning the jade grass of the Plains Realm. Tens of thousands of men lined up at the roots of... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 4

Aria slipped into her silk robe, relishing the crackling fire beside her as icy rain pummeled the window. Still, her stomach knotted with embarrassment, and she stared at her reflection for a while in the mirror. Her onyx hair fell over one shoulder in soft curls, and a glittering black clip gathered the bulk of... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 3

Sebastian owned his own multi-level brick house in the courtier district of Tower of the Moon, just outside the palace gates. Caino peeled Aria’s cloak from her shoulders in the comfortable stone entryway; outside, bells began to toll for the closing of the gates at sundown. Sebastian exited his study, crossing the main hallway with... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 2

Royal guards lived in a ramshackle cluster of little wooden houses tucked away on the east side of the palace wall. Sebastian's groom escorted Aria along the cobblestone street, and though she kept a hood pulled over her face, she still attracted stares. Her silver cloak covered her all the way to her feet, hiding... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 1

The bedroll by which Aria knelt, twice the usual size, knotted her stomach with anxiety. Silky, smooth white sheets matched the robes she wore; perched beside it, she looked like a prize ready to be unwrapped. Her eyes lingered on the neat tucking of the sheets and the fluffy pillows, until she couldn’t stand to... Continue Reading →

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