Alistair, Part 5

“Where is your lovely suitor?” Alistair asked, leaning his hip against the balcony railing. They stood on the palace steps overlooking Tiraspol, waiting for King Ezra of the Forest Realm and his son, Prince Ian, to ride up through the city. Not a single cloud marred the sky above, and the rush of the sea... Continue Reading →


Alistair, Part 4

“Come on,” Aria said gently, coaxing Alistair through the doors to her room. She had refused help from Daniil and Halar of the queensguard; they saw enough of Alistair’s antics without living through the clean up process, as well. She could hardly stand to think what they would say then. Aria kept Alistair talking the... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 3

Aria pulled on a soft black tunic and shrugged into her cloak. The agitation in her chest didn’t match her mood; dinner with Valtteri had gone swimmingly, as well as the ball afterwards. They danced five sets together, and every minute she found herself more drawn to him. Handsome, kind, and funny, his behavior reserved... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 2

Her mother clucked her tongue. Of the outfits laid out for her selection, Aria chose the only one of color—a sleeveless, icy blue lace dress with a high collar and a diamond cutout over her chest. A dainty coronet of sapphire and diamond weaved through her simple updo, knotted at the nape of her neck.... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 1

Aria rolled over in bed, stretching luxuriously. Her black hair splayed out to one side, and she wiggled her toes until they poked from the end of the bed. Sunlight poured through the balcony overlooking the beach and the sea, but she didn’t open her eyes yet; she listened to the caws of seabirds mixed... Continue Reading →

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