Valtteri and Sofia, Part 1

Valtteri reached the pub last, slipping through the door just as his men began a round of raucous singing. The song told the story of a girl who traveled the continent using kisses as currency—though her kisses were just a euphemism. In the beginning, a kiss only got her to the next town over. The … Continue reading Valtteri and Sofia, Part 1


New Track!

Something I've wanted to do for a long time, and something that's become important as I finish The Shadow Throne (barely a spoiler?), is to explore the relationship between Valtteri and Sofia. They met when Valtteri was twenty years old, in the middle of the scandal that cost him the princedom, until Aria got it … Continue reading New Track!

An Unsurprising Update

I'm back after the holidays.  BUT: new year, new alternate universes! What if Aria remained a courtesan in Tower of the Moon? And what if she met Liam, then prince of Iotorath, in a gathering house in the brothel district? When I return in January, we'll find out what happens. Happy holidays!