Sebastian, Part 6

Aria hopped to the right to parry a blow from Weston's sword. With a peal, their blades danced apart, and Aria took a step back to reframe her position. “Good,” Weston said. “You have a bit of a natural touch for this, you know. You don't struggle to pick things up.” “It feels okay,” she... Continue Reading →


Casimir, Part 5

A makeshift brazier illuminated one side of the man’s face. Above the dark crevasse leading into the vale, the skull of a buck hung ominously, dead squirrels draping its antlers. The man shifted slightly, and the brazier revealed his face fully; the symbol for lightning stood out from his forehead, the carving less crude than... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 5

“Where is your lovely suitor?” Alistair asked, leaning his hip against the balcony railing. They stood on the palace steps overlooking Tiraspol, waiting for King Ezra of the Forest Realm and his son, Prince Ian, to ride up through the city. Not a single cloud marred the sky above, and the rush of the sea... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 5

A bell tolled in the distance, signaling sundown and the closing of the gates—but the gates to Tower of the Moon would not close tonight. Aria took a deep breath as she scanned the endless legions spanning the jade grass of the Plains Realm. Tens of thousands of men lined up at the roots of... Continue Reading →

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