A Short Hiatus

We've made our way through part 4 for all tracks, so I'm taking a short break from the blog in the interest of getting some work done on The Shadow Throne. I also got a kitten, and my current cat hates his guts, so between fielding their arguments, we can only hope I'll make some... Continue Reading →


Casimir, Part 4

Casimir casually flicked his hand, and the marble cracked. He whispered again, and a chunk of the balcony skittered across the floor. With twitch of his fist, the stone disintegrated into a pile of dust. It did little to muffle the sound of Petra screaming an orgasm in the next room. He tried not to... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 4

“Come on,” Aria said gently, coaxing Alistair through the doors to her room. She had refused help from Daniil and Halar of the queensguard; they saw enough of Alistair’s antics without living through the clean up process, as well. She could hardly stand to think what they would say then. Aria kept Alistair talking the... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 4

Aria slipped into her silk robe, relishing the crackling fire beside her as icy rain pummeled the window. Still, her stomach knotted with embarrassment, and she stared at her reflection for a while in the mirror. Her onyx hair fell over one shoulder in soft curls, and a glittering black clip gathered the bulk of... Continue Reading →

Casimir, Part 3

The shrine near the peak hummed with the energy of binding; Zoknas, the god of war, held a warhammer to the sky, his mouth open in a shout. Juniper trees framed his stone visage, and the little altar at his feet shone with the symbols for blood, honor, death, strength, and decay. Casimir plucked a... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 3

Aria pulled on a soft black tunic and shrugged into her cloak. The agitation in her chest didn’t match her mood; dinner with Valtteri had gone swimmingly, as well as the ball afterwards. They danced five sets together, and every minute she found herself more drawn to him. Handsome, kind, and funny, his behavior reserved... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 3

Sebastian owned his own multi-level brick house in the courtier district of Tower of the Moon, just outside the palace gates. Caino peeled Aria’s cloak from her shoulders in the comfortable stone entryway; outside, bells began to toll for the closing of the gates at sundown. Sebastian exited his study, crossing the main hallway with... Continue Reading →

Casimir, Part 2

“Everyone is talking about your meeting with the archmage,” Lukas said, his lips barely moving and his eyes fixed on a book. The library around them thrummed with late night activity; boys too lazy to complete their projects earlier, as well as boys who had nothing better to do than hang around bothering people, crowded... Continue Reading →

Alistair, Part 2

Her mother clucked her tongue. Of the outfits laid out for her selection, Aria chose the only one of color—a sleeveless, icy blue lace dress with a high collar and a diamond cutout over her chest. A dainty coronet of sapphire and diamond weaved through her simple updo, knotted at the nape of her neck.... Continue Reading →

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