Casimir, Part 1

“I lament that we’re having this conversation again so soon,” Archmage Sobik said. “The circumstances are subtly different, which means the conversation isn’t really the same at all,” Casimir replied. He sat at a table in the archmage’s domed quarters at the top of the college. Snow swirled past the windows; a blizzard had raged... Continue Reading →


Alistair, Part 1

Aria rolled over in bed, stretching luxuriously. Her black hair splayed out to one side, and she wiggled her toes until they poked from the end of the bed. Sunlight poured through the balcony overlooking the beach and the sea, but she didn’t open her eyes yet; she listened to the caws of seabirds mixed... Continue Reading →

Sebastian, Part 1

The bedroll by which Aria knelt, twice the usual size, knotted her stomach with anxiety. Silky, smooth white sheets matched the robes she wore; perched beside it, she looked like a prize ready to be unwrapped. Her eyes lingered on the neat tucking of the sheets and the fluffy pillows, until she couldn’t stand to... Continue Reading →

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